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Building Better Relationships With Your Donors: A Mini Guide

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Whether they are small monthly contributions or major gifts, donations from grateful patients make your healthcare institution’s work possible. But all too often fundraisers get caught up in the numbers and forget about the people behind the donations, meaning they focus on fundraising results rather than on cultivating lasting relationships.  If your institution doesn’t keep this big picture in mind,…
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4 Effective Financial Management Strategies for Nonprofits

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Nonprofit financial management is a unique beast to tackle. While a few of the procedures your organization uses might look similar to the financial management practices of for-profit businesses, the essential rules and goals of financial management differ. Due to your tax-exempt status, nonprofits like yours are subject to some federal and state regulations that for-profit organizations aren’t, which shapes…
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Nonprofit Video Production: 5 Tips to Inspire Donors

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Nonprofit video production is the key to engaging and mobilizing supporters in the digital age, especially when you consider that 82% of global internet traffic in 2022 will come from video alone.  By combining compelling imagery with dialogue and music, nonprofit video content has the unique ability to captivate audiences and establish an emotional connection with those interested in supporting…
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Nonprofit Performance Reviews: 4 Best Practices

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Performance reviews in both nonprofit and for-profit sectors serve as a tool in which managers and their employees, and other key stakeholders can evaluate work performance. They help identify strengths and weaknesses, offer constructive feedback for skill development, and assist with individual goal setting in relation to department and organizational goals.    Nonprofit performance reviews are generally and more specifically focused…
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How to Boost Donor Loyalty with Your Email Campaigns

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Plenty of marketing and fundraising bloggers will lead you to believe that email marketing is not an effective way to build donor relationships. Sure, it might help increase awareness of your cause. But according to some critics, as far as generating long-lasting support goes, there are more effective outreach strategies available that help nonprofits connect with supporters on a deeper…
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5 Reasons to Continue Optimizing Virtual Fundraising in 2022

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By Karrie Wozniak, OneCause Virtual fundraising became a staple for nonprofit organizations in 2020. Even though people couldn’t attend events in-person, nonprofits persevered by offering engaging virtual events, from Walk-a-thons to live streamed concerts. In fact, online giving grew by over 20% in 2020 thanks to nonprofits’ resilience and donors’ commitment to supporting causes they care about during a time…
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The Future of Fundraising Events After COVID-19

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By Barb Bloch, Vice President of Major Gifts  If your annual fundraising events are a major source of your organization’s revenue, COVID-19 has understandably complicated your operations over the past couple of years. You most likely were forced to make the difficult, but necessary decision to postpone and cancel in-person events, perhaps many times.  But now that vaccines are widespread…
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Your Nonprofit Website: 4 Tips for Boosting Conversions

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In the age of the internet, it’s become more and more difficult to capture the average web surfer’s attention. That’s why nonprofit organizations need web pages that not only feature quality content but also incorporate engaging, user-friendly design that can attract new donors.  Design plays a critical but easily overlooked role in driving revenue through conversions. Conversion rate (the rate…
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Future of Philanthropy: How Impact Investing Is Advancing Philanthropy

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By Katie Santambrogio Principal, Social Impact Collaborative Consulting Senior Consultant, Byrne Pelofsky  Foundations and nonprofit organizations have been engaging in impact investing since the 1960s. However, the last decade has seen the nonprofit sector take a greater strategic approach. By aligning endowments, investment portfolios, and cash management tools with mission-centered work, organizations are putting targeted social impact ahead of traditional…
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Fundraising Software: 7 Essential Features to Prioritize

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By Guest Author: John Killoran, Clover Leaf Solutions* Your fundraising software is central to everything that your organization does and aims to accomplish. It’s how you keep your data organized, plan your fundraising efforts, and how you pull off successful campaigns. That’s why it’s crucial to make a worthwhile investment in a solution that meets your unique needs and helps…
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