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Happy Birthday to Byrne Pelofsky!

By Lisa Pelofsky

Co-Founder + CEO

Around this time last year, Jeffrey Byrne and I merged our two firms. It was a paced, methodical process that brought us to this point, but after a year of laying the groundwork, we merged to form Byrne Pelofsky + Associates in January 2019.

One year later, here is what I have learned and observed about the complex (but rewarding!) process of a merger:

Plan Well in Advance + Use a Consultant

Using a consultant to help us navigate through the complex process of merging two well-established firms made the process go smoothly. Without a third party to guide me and Jeffrey, we would have gotten bogged down in the details.

Similar But Different

If you’re considering a merger, find a business/organization that is similar but different. On paper, Jeffrey and I offered a similar service, but we brought different ways of doing things to the table. Together we are truly a full-service fundraising consulting firm offering our clients a breadth of services and experience unmatched in the region.

Brand Identity

Due to the thorough prep process, our brand feels like a new and improved version of both identities. Our firm did a fantastic job of blending the two into something new and improved.

Work / Life Balance

With a more robust staff comes a better ability to manage our workload. The merger has truly created a more productive and holistic work environment. Leadership and staff feel like they have the resources they need to give 100% to their clients, while still maintaining a healthy work life balance. Joining forces has enabled us to do more while also enjoying life more!

It’s About the Clients! 

The best part of this merger has been observing our team operating collaboratively. Together we bring such a robust set of fundraising tools and services to our clients, we can accomplish things for them that simply weren’t possible as separate firms.

If you are considering merging with another business or nonprofit organization, and it makes sense for your entity, I would encourage you to take steps towards pursuing that opportunity. When you do your homework, take your time and jump in with both feet, the rewards can be huge.

Thank you to our staff, clients, friends and families for supporting us through this complicated (but rewarding) process in 2019. Here’s to many decades of business as Byrne Pelofsky + Associates!




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