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CASE Conference 2024 Strategic Synergy: Mastering the Art of Collaborative Fundraising

The Power of 3: A Pathway to Fundraising Success

At the CASE District V & VI Annual Conference 2024, Mary Spangler, Executive Director of the Kansas City Kansas Community College Foundation, along with Jeffrey Byrne of Byrne Pelofsky + Associates, presented a powerful session titled “The Power of 3: Public Funding; Philanthropy; Partnerships for Fundraising Success.” This session provided an in-depth look into how their coordinated efforts led to the largest capital campaign in the 100-year history of Kansas City Kansas Community College.

A Paradigm of Collaborative Fundraising

The session detailed the Centennial Path Campaign, which aimed to raise $62,000,000 through a unique collaboration between public entities, philanthropic organizations, and community partnerships. “The Power of 3” session not only showcased a successful fundraising initiative but also serves as a blueprint for similar institutions aiming to undertake large-scale capital campaigns.

Strategic Planning and Insightful Execution

Mary and Jeffrey shared the meticulous planning and assessment processes that underpinned the campaign’s strategy. Key to the campaign’s success was the development of a fact-based, compelling case for support that articulated clear program goals and financial requisites. This foundation not only facilitated stakeholder buy-in but also mapped out the benefits accruing to the community, thereby bolstering donor engagement.

Challenges and Strategic Adaptations

One of the key highlights of their presentation was the discussion of the challenges faced during the campaign. Adjusting strategies in response to external and internal assessments was crucial. This adaptive approach was critical in addressing unforeseen challenges and aligning the campaign’s objectives with donor expectations and capacities.

Leadership’s Crucial Role

The influence of committed leadership was underscored as a catalyst for broader community involvement. Effective mobilization of community and organizational leaders set a standard of engagement that significantly propelled the campaign forward.

Impact and Stewardship

Finally, Mary and Jeffrey highlighted the importance of stewardship in maintaining momentum and ensuring ongoing support. Transparent communication and frequent interactions with stakeholders were emphasized as vital to maintaining enthusiasm and financial backing throughout the campaign. They shared strategies for engaging with donors and partners consistently, providing them with opportunities to see the impact of their contributions firsthand.

The session provided a masterclass in strategic fundraising, demonstrating how integrated approaches leveraging public funding, philanthropy, and partnerships can substantially enhance fundraising outcomes. The insights offered are indispensable for entities aiming to orchestrate significant capital campaigns through collaborative efforts.

To learn more about the Kansas City Kansas Community College Foundation, click here. For more information about CASE and their dedicated efforts to educational advancement, click here. And to learn more about Byrne Pelofsky’s grant writing, campaign management and resource development services, click here or give us a call at 816.237.1999 or contact us at

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