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Client Spotlight: Flying Truss, LLC’s Rock Island Bridge

Rock Island Bridge ConceptAt Byrne Pelofsky + Associates, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Flying Truss, LLC, as we support their goal to rejuvenate a historic Kansas City landmark—the Rock Island Bridge. This visionary project not only seeks to preserve a significant piece of architectural heritage but also aims to transform it into the world’s first destination landmark bridge, promoting community engagement, economic development, and cultural enrichment.

A Visionary Transformation

The Rock Island Bridge, originally constructed in 1905 by the Chicago, Rock Island, and Pacific Railroad, has been a crucial transportation link across the Kaw River, significantly contributing to the region’s economic growth. However, with the decline of the railroad industry, the bridge fell into disrepair and was eventually abandoned by the late 1970s. Now, through the collaborative efforts of Flying Truss, LLC, and a coalition of public and private entities, this historic structure is set to undergo a remarkable transformation.

The Rock Island Bridge Project is designed to create a vibrant community hub that will serve as a space for recreation, commerce, and cultural exchange. The project offers:

  • Restoration of the Bridge: Preserving the bridge’s historical integrity while ensuring it meets modern standards.
  • Public Spaces: Developing green areas, walking paths, and recreational zones that encourage physical activity and community gatherings.
  • Cultural Venues: Establishing spaces for events, markets, and performances to enrich the local cultural scene.
  • Commercial Opportunities: Creating retail and commercial spaces that generate revenue and employment opportunities.
  • Sustainable Design: Promoting eco-friendly practices and sustainable transportation options, such as walking and cycling.

Economic and Social Impact

The revitalization of the Rock Island Bridge will significantly stimulate the local economy by creating jobs and attracting visitors. This project is expected to foster a sense of community pride, reduce blight, and enhance the visual appeal of the surrounding neighborhoods. By repurposing the existing structure, the environmental impact is minimized, promoting sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint.

Community Engagement and Equity

A key focus of the Rock Island Bridge Project is to engage minority and women-owned enterprises, ensuring job opportunities and fostering a diverse and inclusive community space. The bridge will serve as a public venue, bringing together residents from various backgrounds and promoting social cohesion.

Building a Legacy


Rock Island Bridge Concept Photography

The Rock Island Bridge Project is more than just a restoration effort; it is an investment in Kansas City’s future. Flying Truss, LLC is working to create a landmark that embodies the spirit of our community, celebrates our heritage, and paves the way for a prosperous and connected future. This project will make a lasting impact, ensuring that the Rock Island Bridge remains a cherished part of Kansas City for generations to come.



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