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Client Success Story: Northland Healthcare Access’ “Healthy Pregnancies Program” Receives Full Funding from City of KCMO

We are delighted to announce that our long-time client, Northland Healthcare Access (NHCA), received a significant grant to fund their Healthy Pregnancies Program. The program was selected by the City of Kansas City, Missouri Health Commission as a recipient of the FY22-23 Health Levy Innovation Fund. NHCA’s Healthy Pregnancies Program is the only Northland program providing low-income pregnant women with comprehensive care coordination. The Health Levy Innovation grant is intended to support Care Coordinator training, office equipment, baby care and maternal care supplies such as car seats and breast pumps, and culturally competent educational materials such as prenatal and breastfeeding books translated into Spanish.

Since 1991, NHCA has invested over $35,000,000 through Northland health care providers to support health care services to Northland and to Kansas City North residents that are uninsured and underinsured. From primary care to specialty, dental, and behavioral health, efforts are driven by the agency’s system of care in action to expand Access to Care for all.

Byrne Pelofsky has been providing grant writing services to NHCA for over 10 years now! It has been a pleasure watching them grow and make an enormous impact on the healthcare of our communities.

Fore more information on Byrne Pelofsky’s grant writing services, get in touch with us at or 816.237.1999. 

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