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JB+A Client Successes – JB+A Client Partner Agri-Business Expo Center Receives $1.9 Million in Missouri MDFB Tax Credits

The Missouri Development Finance Board (MDFB) has recently approved more than $1,900,000 in tax credits for the Agri-Business Expo Center (Ag Expo) in St. Joseph, Missouri. This tax credit for contribution program allows area corporations, funders and individuals to use tax credits to support the development of the 145-acre, multi-purpose Ag Expo campus.

The Ag Expo campus will be focused on agriculture and education and bolstered by commercial development.  Located just east of St. Joseph, Missouri, on Highway 36, the Ag Expo will be a destination site that will serve a wide range of businesses and organizations associated with agriculture, life science, education and commercial activities. The campus will house a collection of indoor and outdoor venues to be utilized in a multitude of ways, including conventions, educational programming, rodeos, workforce training, hotels, office space and retail. This $72,000,000 project is one of the largest endeavors to advance the economy and quality of life for individuals, families and businesses Northwest Missouri has ever seen.

The tax credits for contributions program allows anyone with State of Missouri tax liability to make a contribution to the Ag Expo, and receive a tax credit in an amount equal to 50% of the amount of the contribution. These tax credits may also be sold and/or carried over for up to five years. The program is a wonderful way to reduce both State of Missouri and Federal tax liabilities and maximize tax deductions, while supporting a great cause.

To learn more about Ag Expo, click here.


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