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News You Can Use – Archive List Page

Click on any of the links below to read past issues of News You Can Use Newsletters, published monthly by the professionals at JB+A. Articles prior to November 2011 can be found on our Resources page.

April 2015: A PESTy Assessment Tool For Your Organization / Patrick Rooney, Ph.D., Presenter of GUSA Annual Report.

March 2015: Are You on the Menu or Are You at the Table? / A Generational Gap in Giving: What is a Fundraiser to Do?

February 2015: Stewardship and Estate Planning / Consultants Provide Structure and Accountability to Your Campaign 

January 2015: Great Opportunities for Nonprofits to Engage Young Volunteers / Analyze Your Fundraising Success with a Development Calendar 

December 2014: A Note from Jeffrey – Looking Toward the Continued Rise of Philanthropy in 2015

November 2014: Board Engagement: What’s the Norm? / 2014 U.S. Trust Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy

October 2014: Strengthen Year-End Giving by Preserving the IRA Rollover / Strategic Planning:  The Pathway for Fundraising Success

September 2014: Donor Retention: Keeping Ice Bucket Challenge Donors from Evaporating / Board Succession Planning

August 2014: CEO Personal Behaviors Can Kill a Board / Increasing Office Efficiency

July 2014The Benefits of Planned Giving / Insights from Giving USA 2014

June 2014: Special GUSA 2014 Issue  (6/17/2014)

May 2014: Affordable Care Act / Volunteers Give Back  (5/16/2014)

April 2014: Got Research?  (4/22/2014)

March 2014: Is “Overhead” a Valid Way to Evaluate Your Nonprofit? / Including and Counting Planned Gifts in a Capital Campaign  (3/19/2014)

February 2014: Preserve Volunteer Goodwill / Including and Donor Relationshps:  The Second Year is Critical  (2/18/2014)

January 2014: How to Guarantee Success in the Selection of Campaign Volunteers  (1/15/2014)

December 2013: Perspectives on Philanthropy in 2013  (12/17/2013)

November 2013: #GivingTuesday  (11/14/2013)

October 2013: “I’ll need to check with my financial advisor about that.”  (10/22/2013)

September 2013: Simple Tools… Fundraising Success!  (9/20/2013)

August 2013: Strengthen Fundraising Efforts the Futures Program: Incorporate Planned Giving for a Solid Fundraising Strategy   (8/22/2013)

July 2013: A Must-Have Guide to Successful Grant Seeking  (7/18/2013)

June 2013: Special GUSA 2013 Issue  (6/18/2013)

May 2013: Building Blocks to a Successful Campaign Steering Committee | Your Volunteer Database is an Important Tool   (5/15/2013)

April 2013: Recent IRS Changes Increase Transparency | Death, Taxes…and Tax Reform   (4/18/2013)

March 2013: Giving Institute and Giving USA Foundation Board Meeting, Spring 2013 | Financial Anxiety in Senior Living Industry: An Incentive to Fundraise   (3/14/2013)

February 2013: Board Cultivation is More Than Just New Board Members | Free Google AdWords for Nonprofits  (2/14/2013)

January 2013: Insights for Strategic and Tax Changes for 2013 | Planned Giving: Time to get started?  (1/15/2013)

December 2012: A Year-End Note | Jeffrey Byrne & Associates Inc. Achieves Giving Institute Re-Qualification   (12/18/2012)

November 2012: Clear Expectations: For the Board and for Organizational Leadership | Why #GivingTuesday? Why not!   (11/15/2012)

October 2012: Planning for Not-For-Profits | While You Are Waiting for Change…  (10/16/2012)

September 2012: Diversify Your Portfolio… of Donors | New School of Philanthropy at Indiana University  (9/18/2012)

August 2012: A Framework for Fundraising Success | It’s Planning Time  (8/15/2012)

July 2012: “Beware” Hiring and Unethical Consulting Firm Can Cost You Your Reputation and Results  (7/19/2012)

June 2012: Giving USA: The Numbers for 2011  (6/15/2012)

May 2012: Getting Your Board Onboard | For Smaller Non-Profit CEO’s Considering a Capital Campaign  (5/16/2012)

April 2012: What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? | Hospitals Optimistic About Fundraising in 2012  (4/17/2012)

March 2012: 26 Questions You Should Ask | So, You Want to Be a Career Fundraiser?  (2/15/2012)

February 2012: Campaigns Are Going Over Goal… Really! | When You Have the Chance, Make Each Throw Count  (2/14/2012)

January 2012: The Powerball Winner: Sharing in Good Fortune | Clean Off the Shelf and Start Planning for Your Senior Living Community  (1/12/2012)

December 2011: Thinking Ahead: What to Consider for 2012  (12/15/2011)

November 2011: Volunteers: Love’em… Or, Well, Love’em | The “Who” Over the “What” In Healthcare Fundraising, Involving Leadership is Key  (11/15/2011)

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Recent topics included the impact COVID-19 and tax reform on non-profit giving, #GivingTuesday strategies you need to know, and legislative updates