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Harnessing AI for Deeper Connections: Insights from Nathan Chappell’s 501 c Success Series Presentation

Nonprofit Connect, Byrne Pelofsky and Bank of America were delighted to welcome Nathan Chappell to Kansas City on April 30 as part of the Nonprofit Connect 501c Success Series, sponsored by Byrne Pelofsky and Bank of America. The annual series brings national thought leaders to Kansas City for exceptional personal and professional development training.

Nathan Chappell, Senior Vice President of DonorSearch AI, delivered a compelling presentation titled “Overcoming the Competition for Connection through Radical Connection.” This session offered invaluable perspectives on the increasingly challenging landscape of charitable giving.

The Challenge of Connection in Nonprofits

Recent trends indicate a troubling decrease in charitable giving, with projections pointing towards single-digit participation rates in the coming decades. This stark forecast underscores a critical need for nonprofits to cultivate deeper, more meaningful connections with potential donors. The presentation highlighted the fierce competition nonprofits face, not only for funding but fundamentally for connection.

Embracing Technology to Forge Connections

Chappell emphasized the importance of adopting strategies once exclusive to the for-profit sector, particularly in utilizing technology to enhance donor engagement. He provided a detailed analysis of current data, demonstrating how nonprofits can benefit from technologies that prioritize and measure the effectiveness of these connections.

The session explored various technological tools that can help nonprofits streamline their efforts and enhance efficiency. With fewer American households contributing to charitable causes each year, the pressure is mounting on these organizations to operate with unprecedented precision and effectiveness.

Leveraging AI for Personalized Engagement

Nathan Chappell, a recognized expert at the intersection of artificial intelligence and philanthropy, shared strategies for harnessing the power of big data and deep learning. He outlined how personalized prospecting, powered by AI, can transform the way nonprofits connect with donors, thereby improving the chances of successful engagement.

Attendees learned about the potential of AI to not only predict donor behavior but also to create a more tailored fundraising approach. This level of customization is crucial in an era where donors expect more personalized interactions and are more selective in their philanthropic commitments.

A Call to Action for Nonprofits

The insights provided by Chappell are not just theoretical but are backed by his extensive experience leading AI deployments for some of the nation’s largest nonprofit organizations. His work in AI and philanthropy, including founding Fundraising.Ai, positions him as a beacon for others in the nonprofit sector striving to navigate the complexities of modern-day fundraising.

As nonprofits face an increasingly competitive landscape, the lessons from this 501 c Success Series presentation are clear: embracing innovative technologies and fostering radical connections are essential steps towards not just surviving but thriving in the quest for meaningful philanthropic engagement.

To learn more about the Nathan Chappell’s book “The Generosity Crisis”, click here. And to learn more about Byrne Pelofsky’s grant writing, campaign management and resource development services, click here or give us a call at 816.237.1999 or contact us at

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