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New Client-Partner Announcement: REHOPE – Restoring Survivors of Human Trafficking

Byrne Pelofsky is delighted to announce our new partnership with REHOPE, formerly known as Restoration House of Greater Kansas City. REHOPE provides faith-based, long-term residential housing and comprehensive programs and services for survivors of human trafficking through the following activities:

  • Therapeutic and holistic wellness programs such as trauma-informed counseling, healing arts, small animal therapy and gardening
  • Spiritual development
  • Job training and placement
  • Education and life coaching

REHOPE began its mission in 2015 in response to the increasing epidemic of sex trafficking in the United States. In the U.S., females account for over 90% of the total human sex trafficking population – 50% of those being minors. With the average age of entry to sex trafficking in the U.S. being 12-13 years of age, and with only 600 beds available nationwide for minor survivors of human sex trafficking, something had to be done. Dr. Rodney Hammer opened a safe house for adult women survivors on seven acres of land in Harrisonville, Missouri, in 2015 and expanded to 17 acres in 2019. Today, REHOPE is the largest residential program in the Midwest, but it’s still not enough.

“I spent 18 years as a missionary across seas and was exposed to the raw realities of human trafficking. I found its vastness, corruption, and demand overwhelming and seemingly impossible to address. During an outreach, a woman was asked why she didn’t leave her situation. She replied, “Am I coming home with you? Do you have a safe space for me?” Without a solution, I returned home with a great sense of hopelessness. I also learned that human trafficking is a growing issue in America without any long-term solutions. I felt that if we could solve only one problem we could return hope to these victims. This is when we founded REHOPE.”

Dr. Rodney Hammer, President & Founder

REHOPE has retained the services of Byrne Pelofsky to assist with a fundraising campaign to support a major capital expansion to the REHOPE property and facilities. This campaign will enable REHOPE to take in more survivors, develop and expand professional staff and increase excellence in life changing programs, services and training.

We are at the early stages of planning and launching the next phase of this campaign and are excited to share our progress with the nonprofit community as we help this important organization impact more lives. To learn more about REHOPE, click here to visit their website.

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